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AP information on state prep

- A look at preparations by states in the potential path of Hurricane Isabel.

NORTH CAROLINA: About 100,000 people were urged to evacuate the coast and barrier islands. Gov. Mike Easley declared a state of emergency, putting the National Guard and state police on alert. Hurricane warning in effect for nearly entire coast.

VIRGINIA: Virginia Beach and Poquoson officials ordered 37,000 people in low-lying areas to leave their homes. Hurricane warning posted along the entire Virginia coast and much of Chesapeake Bay. "This is, in terms of predictions, perhaps the worst storm we've seen in decades," Gov. Mark R. Warner said.

DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA: City workers filled sandbags for residents in flood-prone areas. The regional transit agency warned that if there were heavy sustained winds in excess of 40 mph, bus service and aboveground subway service would be suspended.

MARYLAND: Officials opened the state's Emergency Operations Center and canceled leave for essential state employees. Emergency workers' leaves also canceled in Baltimore. Tropical storm warning posted along coast.

DELAWARE: Gov. Ruth Ann Minner issued list of shelters that will open Wednesday evening, and but delayed a final decision on declaring a state of emergency or ordering evacuations. Tropical storm warning posted along coast.

NEW JERSEY: Emergency operations center at state police headquarters prepared for operation. Department of Corrections officials ordered 1,600 offenders housed in temporary quarters at Southern State Correctional Facility be relocated to other facilities. Tropical storm warning posted along coast.

PENNSYLVANIA: Forecasters said 9 inches or more of rain could fall in the west-central part of the state and warned of widespread flooding and the possibility of tornadoes. The state emergency management agency urged those living in flood-prone areas to establish an evacuation route.

SOUTH CAROLINA: "We've pushed back the staffing a little bit, but we're still standing vigilant," said spokesman John Legare at the Emergency Operations Center in Columbia. Rain and wind gusts of up to 50 mph were expected in the Myrtle Beach area Thursday. Tropical storm warning posted along coast.
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