Victor (vandrei) wrote in hurricaneizzy,

Charlottesville VA 22904 - Storm Track

It's raining moderately here...and very breezy with a stiff wind. The University of Virginia finally capitulated and cancelled classes after 1 pm and all day tomorrow...and is switching to essential services ONLY. I'm looking to get out of here later this evening and go back home to the Northern Virginia/Washington DC metro area, so I can report from there.

Looks pretty nasty. I'll also be driving through the storm tonight...
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Drive *safely* on your way home!
I have four different routes home:

(1) US-29N/VA-3E/I-95N...seems okay.
(2) VA-20N/VA-3E/I-95N...VA-20 is a rather winding two lane road, so probably not.
(3) I-64E/I-295 Richmond/I-95N...takes me right into the storm.
(4) I-64W/I-81N/I-66E... only feasible all-interstate route.

Yes, I intend to drive safely home...and with all due speed, so I can get out of Izzy's direct path, which includes the University here in Charlottesville.