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Charlottesville VA 22904 - Fri 19 Sep 5:45 pm ET

The entire University lost power at around 5:30 pm yesterday...around midnight, woke up from a seven-hour nap to walk around Grounds with some friends. Winds were blowing pretty hard...trees bending. Rain would come in bursts. We walked to the McCormick Rd. dorms. Nobody had power. Trees down on both sides of Alderman Rd., as well as on McCormick Rd. and Emmet St. (US-29 Business). Facilities Management crews were working to get all trees down on the street (safely) if they were only partially broken...and mark them with reflective cones. Some people out driving. Traffic lights were still operational on Alderman Rd.

Power just came back on at 5:36 pm ET here...with a loud cry of rejoicing from first-years all over the Alderman dorms (very audible too!). It's been a relief. Finally.

Trees and limbs down throughout Grounds, but most are being cleaned up now. Dining Services kept operating through the storm...changed hours to 7 am to 7 pm. Food was cooked over fire burners with some generators outside powering other equipment... limited food supply but everyone who was hungry was fed, regardless of meal plan.

We walked to The Lawn (in front of The Rotunda) last night at around 1:30 am. Winds were blowing steadily and the rain was coming down pretty hard...The Lawn was mostly flooded, with some grass sticking up above the water...huge puddles everywhere... also, in the time-honored UVa tradition, students were streaking The Lawn (from The Rotunda down to Old Cabell Hall and the statue of Homer).

More updates later, if necessary...
Hope you all had fun!
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